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Unique Solar Solutions has developed strong relationships with customers over the years by providing adequate customer service and building trust. We provide exceptional products by world-leading brands and professional installation using our experienced teams of Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited Installers who offer solar installation services with a Done Right Guarantee.

Save time and money with our Consultative Approach

We conduct in-home inspection and keep the process in an honest and consultative manner. We are not sales guys we are team of technicians who will provide you best options to suit your requirements to make an informed decision.

Professionals come prepared with the proper tools

Our Professional technicians come well prepared with plans, tools and accomplish installation with proper explanation so all you have to do is just sit and enjoy the new clean energy.

Government Solar Rebate

Maximum Solar Rebate

Most of us know federal government is providing solar grants. loan and rebates for solar systems but don’t know how we get them and save. We step in here and guide you throughout the application process to installation.

High Quality Solar Products

High-end Solar Products

We work with leading brands of solar panels, inverters, and battery products and ensure the best deal for you to install your solar system. We know cheap Solar systems are most often appealing but they cost more in the long run and we avoid such inefficiency.

CEC Approved Solar Retailer

Clean Energy Council Approved

Unique Solar Solutions is one of the handful solar companies who is Clear Energy Council approved. We have proven track record of 100% approvals when our professionals install solar system on your roof. We exceed the australian standards and ensure the long time savings for you.

Reliable and Trusted Solar & Battery Systems

Save Money

Harvest the Free Energy from Sun with our Unique Solar technology and save money on electricity bills.

Simple Solutions

Our Solar & Battery Solutions are simple and easy to understand. Our Exper will assess your home and provide ideal solution for you.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We ensure our installers are best eqipped and skillfull so you can get best sustainable clean energy at your place.

We install all Solar Systems Residential and Commercial

Unique Solar solutions is a commercial and residential solar installer in victoria. Our 360-degree Consultative approach helps homeowners make informed decisions when considering solar power.

5 kW
Solar System

  • 5kW Solar System
  • Generates 18kWh/day (approx.)
  • Family Size : 3-5 people

6.6 kW
Solar System

  • 6.6kW Solar System
  • Generates 24kWh/day (approx.)
  • Family Size : 5-7 people

Solar System

  • 10kW Solar System
  • Generates 36kWh/day (approx.)
  • Family Size : 7+ people

13.2 kW
Solar System

  • 13.2kW Solar System
  • Generates 48kWh/day (approx.)
  • Family Size : 7+ people

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When you hire us for solar installation, you know you’re getting highly qualified professionals who have the expertise and experience to make sure your installation project is accomplished properly
and switching to new energy is flowless.

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Our Leading Solar Brands exceeding Australian Standards

We sell leading brands for solar panels, inverters, and batteries. We also install tesla power wall. We ensure your solar panels don’t only give you savings but also run for a long time.

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We at Unique Solar Solutions, provide solar installation services in victoria and leading brands of solar panels as well as inverters. Federal solar rebates and victorian solar rebates are available under the solar scheme. We can help you get benefits.

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